The Challenges of the Changing Workforce

Demographic change has brought challenges as corporates come to terms with the changes in the traditional workforce and the issues needing to addressed regarding an ageing workforce.

Many employees  were not anticipating working longer, but due to the recent changes in state pension eligibility (particular affecting women) and financial pressures, many are finding they have no choice other than to extend their working lives. Others simply choose to work longer for enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.

The default retirement age was abolished some years ago but it’s taken a while for older workers and corporates to catch up with the legislation.

When New Zealand scrapped its Default Retirement it took 20 years to fully embrace an older workforce so the UK has some catching up to do!

Embracing an Older Workforce

Embracing an older workforce is a change programme all companies will need to implement sooner rather than later. Employers need to address the three ‘Rs’. How they Retain, Retrain and Recruit an older workforce.

Current statistics show that those aged 45 to 60 represent one in three of the UK workforce and it’s the fastest growing segment of the population.

The UK government wants the number of 50 to 69 year olds to increase by 12% by 2021.

So how does business invest in this workforce, and encourage continued development while retaining critical skills and experience?

The MidLife MOT programme has been specifically designed to address these key issues.

The programme allows people to assess where they are in this key stage of their lives, providing the tools, techniques, strategies and mindset that they will enable them to prepare and plan for their futures.

Our online  programme delivers 5 modules which enables the individual  to assess their skills, career and lifestage.

The benefit to the employee is that they understand exactly where they are at this moment, where they are heading, and any gaps they need to address in terms of skills with regard to career, personal finance, mindset, relationships, finance and family.

The Benefits of the Midlife MOT Programme

The benefits to employers will be will be that they will  be seen as being age friendly, making their employees feel engaged and valued and future proofing their workforce. They will also gain an insight of future training needs.

With the employee having a better understanding of how long they wish or need to work for the employer will be provided with clear information for succession planning.

We have 5 online modules in our standard programme, however,  our workshops can incorporate all 5 modules or we could create a bespoke programme for each individual company’s requirements.

Employees can work through the online programme at their leisure, alone or with a partner.

Age Management

We can assist in developing Age Management policies and change programmes, from reviewing recruitment processes to ensure that there is no unconscious age bias, to running workshops to help promote positive inter-generational working.

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