Article by Ceri Wheeldon

If anti-ageism cream existed what would it look like image

If the ability to address ageism  came in a jar – what would that jar look like?

Ageism in the workplace is increasingly climbing up the agenda. Employers are becoming more aware of the benefits older workers are able to bring.

I started my career in headhunting in Canada back in the 80s. Even then we were not allowed to asked candidates their age when interviewing and assessing for roles.  Thy seemed to be ahead of the game!  I was surprised when returning to the UK in the late 80s that it was a requirement for individuals to state their date of birth on their CVS – having been encouraged to recruit with no age bias for the previous five years.

So, with ageism in the workplace being an issue across the globe, the latest campaign by the City of Toronto to address Ageism full on has shown how creativity can spark conversation and debate.  A link to their anti-ageism in the workplace campaign is here

They displayed posters across the city playing on the use of anti-ageing products in the beauty industry. We are so used to seeing anti-ageing creams advertised – but in this campaign they used an ‘ Aging’ cream image. In the ‘ad’ the cream promises to:

  • Restore up to 5x the Confidence on the Job
  • Minimise Concerns over your reliability and skillset
  • Increase respect- practically overnight


Of course , the cream does not exist – but if it did – what ingredients would you add – and what results would you like to see?