Extending Working Lives and Embracing the Ageing Workforce

The population is ageing – and the workforce is ageing as a consequence.

How do we ensure that individuals have the skills and marketability, and employers are able to retain and recruit the individuals they need for businesses to succeed.

The perception of middle age has changed. Traditional retirement ages and working practices have changed too, as has our perception of retirement.  Those  reaching their 50s are no longer winding down , but revving up in many areas of their lives. How do we ensure that we have the mindset and resources to take advantage of all that life has to offer?

With fewer younger people entering the workplace, business has to look at ways to embrace the older workforce in order to thrive.

This is where the Midlife MOT programme fits in.

We have put together a fabulous 5  module programme to ensure that individuals have the skills and resources to be productive in the workplace and life in general in midlife and beyond. The programme can also be delivered as workshops to corporates, in addition to offering reviews of recruitment processes to ensure there is no unconscious age bias, and assisting in establishing Age Management policies.

In a world where we are living and working longer than ever before, as individuals we need to ensure that we have the right skills to extend our careers for as long we want or need to.  For employers it is essential to create the right environment to capture the benefits a mature workforce can bring to the workplace is key.

About the MidLife MOT Founder

The Midlife MOT brings together the knowledge and expertise of the programme’s founder, Ceri Wheeldon  With experience spanning three decades  in business change and consulting, career coaching, headhunting across the globe, and knowledge of the over 50s marketplace through her community resource website Fab after Fifty,  the programme brings all these elements together to deliver a programme which addresses the need for sustainable and productive careers.




Ceri has more than 25 years experience as a headhunter and consultant, working with organisations going  through change, determining skills needed to address changing market requirements and recruiting key individuals and teams accordingly.

She has worked on both sides of the Atlantic, managing a large Canadian executive search firm, before returning to the UK running  countless assignments in the UK and across Europe, through her own niche consultancy for many years.

Ceri views the integration of an ageing workforce as a key change programme. Having set up  a resource and community  website for women over 50 ( www.fabafterfifty.co.uk) as a hobby – she has excellent insights as to the challenges facing this demographic. She is a frequent guest on radio and in the press addressing over 50s issues, including being an  ‘expert’ as part of a series of features with The Times looking at the difficulties facing 50plus jobseekers

The Midlife MOT programme for Ceri brings together the different elements of her skills and experience.  She is passionate about the second half of life being the best half, and for corporates to embrace and retain the incredible skills and experience a mature workforce has to offer.

In her headhunting and consulting career she worked with large organisations including IBM, EDS, Hewlett Packard, T-Mobile, BBC, Fujitsu, Hiscox Insurance, KPMG and Bank of Canada.