Are you ready for YOUR Midlife MOT?

We are used to having an MOT for our cars, but how much care and thought do we put into looking ourselves?

We are just in the process of putting together our website,  but here is a quick taster of what we have to offer. We have put together a fabulous 9 module programme to steer you through midlife and beyond.

We will also be a running a series of workshops for corporates . In a world where we are living and working longer than ever before, ensuring that we have the right skills at the right time is becoming increasingly important.  And creating the right environment to capture the benefits a mature workforce can bring to the workplace is key.

Future Proof your Career, Finances, Health and Relationships

Imagine how reassuring it would be to know that you future proofed your career, finances, health, relationships and so much more.

The programme comprises nine modules to help steer you through midlife. There are more than 3 hours of videos and workbooks corresponding to each of the modules – lots of practical exercises to work through in your own time. At the end of the programme you will understand where you are heading, which of your skills can prolong your career, where you stand financially today – and the changes you may need to make to live your desired lifestyle in the future, what you might be doing today to hold you back from living the life you want in the future and follow your dreams, what changes you may want to make in your existing relationship – or if you are looking to start dating midlife- how to start your dating journey. Are living a healthy lifestyle? Small changes could make a big difference.  Do you want to reinvent your life? There is a module with practical steps for that too.  Emptynester or part of the sandwich generation? There is a module that covers that too.

We are really excited about this programme – and we hope you will be too.

Find out more in our Introductory Webinar

If you want to find out more, and don’t want to wait until the full website is up and running we are running a Midlife MOT webinar very soon . We will tell you everything you need to know about the Midlife MOT programme, and all about its founders, Ceri Wheeldon and Garth Delikan.

You can sign up for the webinar here , we’ll send you an email with joining instructions a week beforehand, so you’ll have plenty of time to book it into your diary!

We would love to have you join us!

Of course, if you know you are  ready for YOUR Midlife MOT, you can sign always race ahead and sign up to the full programme . Click here for more details.